Strawberry lassi recipe, rich & creamy

Strawberry lassi recipe, rich & creamy

Strawberry lassi is a rich and delicious lassi I have ever tasted. I just love how strawberry flavour blends well in this. Step by step pictures post.

I have never ever thought there is lassi in this flavour until I saw in a restaurant menu. I noted that in to try list along with strawberry cake and decided to buy strawberries. For couple of weeks I was really scared to buy imported strawberries, that too it was from a epicenter country at that time. Later, just in two weeks time, the epidemic is all over the world and if I see that deep, I can’t buy any vegetable.

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So went ahead to buy and as soon as I came home, just washed and cleaned well. Pat dried it and layered the fruits in kitchen towel. I used one box for cake and remaining used in my breakfast. Reserved some for trying out lassi. For couple of days I could not make it and when I was ready, there wasn’t much curd to make lassi

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