Strawberry cream recipe, fresh strawberry dessert

Strawberry cream recipe, fresh strawberry dessert

Strawberry cream recipe with whipping cream and sugar. Just 3 ingredients, no artificial flavour/ colour. Step wise pictorial recipe.

I got this inspiration to try this recipe after watching a Youtube video, where they had this in Mumbai street food episode. When I tried strawberry lassi, I added a dash of cream to it and Vj told it was too yummy. We both were discussing how yummy the one we saw in the video would have been with just cream. So we bought another box of fresh strawberries and tried this.

Vj thoroughly enjoyed this. I am still loving my strawberry lassi though. I just tasted while making and didn’t eat later so may be that’s the reason. But while I browsed for the inspiration in youtube, came to know Strawberry cream is very famous in Mumbai and even Mahabaleshwar. I love the mapro strawberry syrup we used to get when my BIL used to work there. But never knew there is a food stall and we could have such delicious fresh strawberry treats.

I added to my (never ending) to eat list

  • Slice the rest of strawberries for serving. I slice the sides off and chop for layering. Other large middle slices, I use for serving.
  • Place clean strawberries, sugar in a mixie. Grind smoothly. Divide a small portion (3-4 tbsp for serving) and keep aside.
  • Take whipping cream in a mixing bowl. I place my bowl over cold water to fasten the whipping process.
  • Start beating with a electric hand mixer. keep whipping in circular motion covering all the cream until you get stiff peaks. Do not over beat.
  • I took some 1/4 cup of fresh cream for topping. It’s optional.
  • Add the fresh strawberry puree to it and fold to mix in the strawberry.
  • To serve: Take a tall serving glass. First I add a dash of strawberry puree. Then start with strawberry slices arranging in the sides if the glass as shown.
  • Fill half way with strawberry cream. Top it with fresh chopped strawberries, little puree and again arrange sliced strawberries along the sides of the glass. Fill the cream and top it with again strawberry cream.
  • Fresh strawberries, puree and finally finish with plain whipped cream, a dash of puree and a slice of strawberry. Chill before serving. Serve within 3-4 hours.
  • Sinfully delicious strawberry cream for a special occasion or to treat yourself sometime!

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