Lockdown Cooking Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

Lockdown Cooking Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

This Cooking Hotline is dedicated to the people of Victoria who went into COVID Lockdown II last night. While anyone in the whole world can use this post to ask any questions about recipes or cooking, if you note that you are in Victoria, I will prioritise responding to your questions.

Just leave your question in the comments section of this post and I will answer it promptly!

Victoria COVID Lockdown II

Over the weekend, Victoria (the second most populous state in Australia) declared a State of Disaster due to a second wave of coronavirus. Sweeping new restrictions, including night time curfews and strict rules on movements restricted to essentials such as medical, food and 1 hour of exercise per day, came into force last night.

These Stage 4 restrictions will be in place for 6 weeks. The Federal and State government has deemed these measures necessary due to the alarmingly high rate of community transmission in the state, and getting COVID under control in Victoria has serious ramifications for the rest of Australia.

I know this is a very difficult period for Victorians. Saying that I’m thinking of you, to stay strong and positive, that we’re with you in spirit – it just doesn’t seem like enough.

So I’ve decided to offer up my services doing what I know best – personalised cooking help.

Lockdown Cooking Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

Offering up my services!

It seems like such a small gesture, but what I can do is offer up my services to help you with what I know best – cooking.

With restrictions on movements and purchase limits back in force, and generally because I hope that you will stay home as much as you can, once again creates challenges around making do with what you’ve got and menu planning so you can minimise grocery outings.

So Victorians, I’m here for you to ask me anything at all about cooking. No boundaries. Whether it’s ideas, or what to make with x, y, z, a recipe you’re after or a specific cooking question you have, drop them below and I’ll answer them as a priority over questions I get on any other recipe for the duration of your lockdown.

While this recipe hotline is dedicated to the people of Victoria and I will prioritise questions from Victorians, everyone is welcome to leave general cooking questions on this post.

Victorians – sending all my love down to you. We’re thinking of you. Please stay strong – and stay home! – Nagi x

PS Dozer is still on standby for virtual hugs, 24-7.

Lockdown Cooking Q&A – Ask Me Anything!

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