Introducing…Eat Out (But In)

Introducing…Eat Out (But In)

Introducing Eat Out (But In)! A RecipeTin created list-yourself directory to discover the amazing new offerings of our talented restaurant industry, fighting to survive through the pandemic. Multi course fine dining at home, access to produce previously reserved for hatted restaurants.

Tonight we’re eating out – but in!!!

I just wanted to do something to help our restaurant industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has obliterated our restaurant industry. But they are rising from the ashes, emerging with innovative new offerings for these times. Multi-course fine dining at home, elite produce previously reserved for hatted restaurants, home delivery cocktails.

They are working their guts out to survive and keep their staff employed. And I just wanted to do something to help.

So Eat Out (But In) was borne. A free RTE created directory for restaurants to list themselves to tell the world what they are now offering, and direct customers back their website or wherever / however they can make an order.

Introducing…Eat Out (But In)

This is for everyone! You don’t have to be a fancy restaurant.

There are a handful of online media outlets that are maintaining lists of restaurants changing what they do in order to survive. The problem is these lists are not up to date – because restaurants have to write in, then the editor needs to craft text the add it to the list – and they are not very long because they are typically very skewed towards high end restaurants.

You don’t see cheap ‘n cheerful locals on those lists. It’s just not suited to their genre.

But Eat Out (But In) is for ANY restaurant – or cafe, bistro, bakery. ANYONE in the food industry can add a listing if they’ve had to change what they do in order to cater to these times. We don’t segregate between the posh and cheap ‘n cheerful around these parts!

Introducing…Eat Out (But In)

Do it FOR them!

Know a local bistro that’s really hurting during this pandemic? Mary and Pete who run the local bistro who relied on the weekend brunch crowd to make a living, now trying to survive by offering at-home brunch packs.

LIST THEM on Eat Out (But In)! They’re busy and stressed enough as it is, they will appreciate it!

Introducing…Eat Out (But In)


How it works (it’s quick ‘n easy!)

Here’s how Eat Out (But In) works:

  1. Create a listing – anyone can do it, the restaurant itself or someone else can do it on their behalf
  2. Insert basic details (name, location, and what they’re offering), submit for approval, then it will appear once someone in Team RTE approves it
  3. Edit the listing anytime you want
  4. Create as many listings as you want!

Help your favourite local – list them on Eat Out (But In)!

Eat Out (but in!)

The website as set up is ready to be used across the whole of Australia. But for launch, I’ve only focussed on populating it with Sydney restaurants – just so it’s not a sad empty website!

But it’s certainly ready to have restaurants from anywhere in Australia added to it – and I’m excited to see it grow because I know the more it’s populated, the more people will use it which means the more restaurants will be connected to customers.

But I’m hoping desperately that the life of this Eat Out But In will be very short, that this pandemic will be over soon and there will no longer be a need for it.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the meantime, I will keep pounding the virtual pavement, making my small contribution to help.

– Nagi x

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Introducing…Eat Out (But In)

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