Eggless pasta, eggless pasta dough recipe

Eggless pasta, eggless pasta dough recipe
. Definitely it is not a single hand job for people like me. So, I tried once and kept it neatly packed again.

At times will feel guilty and take it out to make, try again and keep it as such. It was so difficult for me as like I dread for baking.

I used bread maker for kneading the dough. It is best to use such kneading options as physically you had to work the dough really hard to achieve such reseults. If you have stand mixer like kitchen aid, you can definitely use that for kneading part. The smooth texture will minimum water is the key for an al dente pasta

How to store fresh pasta?

Leave it in counter top until it dries completely. Turn the pasta patch to ensure to even drying. Time depends on the environment purely. Store in airtight container.
I like to store in zip loc and refrigerate it. It can be used upto 10 days. Or Deep freeze to use for 3 months.

What if I do not have pasta machine?

Roll into thin flat circle using your rolling pin. Using pasta cutter or a roller cutter, or even knife, cut it out to fettucine. Or, make farfalle, gnocchi kind of pasta shapes. You know, Aj even made penne shape once! Just cut into small squares, use a straw to roll the square to penne shape.

How to cook fresh pasta?

Use a large pot to bring enough water to boil pasta. Add salt to water generously. If you taste the water, it should be like salty sea water.
Add pasta only after the water boils, do not heat water and pasta together to bring to boil.
Adding a drizzle of olive oil to the boiling water ensures the preventing of overflowing while boiling as well as helps in preventing sticking together.
Once cooked, drain water and reserve some pasta boiled water. You can use this water to loosen up the cooked pasta as it tends to stick while cooling down.

Is pasta healthy?

Pasta made with all purpose flour and semolina has low micro nutrients. But we can make it more nutritious by adding vegetable puree or spinach puree. Also by using other flours that are nutritious and high in fiber.

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