Eggless Gnocchi in brown butter and sage

Eggless Gnocchi in brown butter and sage
  • Peel, mash or grate uniformly. No lumps should be there. You can also use potato ricer.
  • Once cooled completely, Add work in a clean counter top. Spread the potato. Add salt, oil. Start by adding 1 cup all purpose flour.
  • Incorporate well and add in 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup flour as needed so that you get a non sticky dough. Make sure to not over do the dough as it might make it rubbery. Rest the dough for 10 mins covered.
  • Divide into 4 and roll each portion into a thick rope. Dust generously as it might be sticky now. It should be of uniform thickness. Cut into equal portions. Again dust them and set aside.
  • Take a fork and place on the counter top. Rub each small cut portions away from you. Apply pressure at the end so that it curls as it gets the ridges from the fork.
  • Repeat to finish and dust it to prevent from sticking to each other.
  • Bring to boil enough water with salt. Add gnocchi little at a time. Make sure the water boils well as you add.
  • Once it gets cooked, it will float on the top. So stir occasionally for checking. You can strain from water and set aside. You can drizzle a little olive oil or even add a dash of the gnocchi cooked water to prevent sticking.
  • Repeat to finish. You can divide into 3-4 batches to cook all of them.
  • Gnocchi in brown butter and sage:
  • Heat a pan with butter. Once it melts, add well crushed garlic in medium flame. Add Sage too. Cook until you see the butter brown, taking care it doesnt turn black.
  • Add some pepper and the cooked gnocchi to it. Toss or stir to coat the butter all over the gnocchi. Adjust the seasoning as per preference to serve.
  • Serve as such or you can top it with some parmesan shavings. too. Skip the butter tossing and have it with your favorite pasta sauce.

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